AH x MM 2023 : Gardenia Palette

Blooming Gardenia Palette

When love blossoms, they say it's best to let it be. And so, when I find myself enamored by a flower, like the cherished Gardenia, I resist the urge to pluck it. Instead, I revel in its beauty, inhaling its intoxicating fragrance, and tending to its every need.

It all began with a precious clipping, a gift from a kind neighbor. Months passed, nurturing, watering, and pruning, with hopeful anticipation for the bloom that eluded me. Undeterred, I persevered. The little cutting journeyed from my front yard to my back, and back again, finding its perfect place. And finally, with daily care and affirmations, a promising bud emerged.

To share my adoration for the Gardenia flower, I've created the Gardenia Palette, a piece of my personal paradise just for you. Carry a fragment of this enchantment home, and let its allure inspire your eye makeup creations.

As you indulge in the art of makeup, my greatest hope is for you to feel the same love and cherished embrace as the Gardenias in my garden.


Gardenia Palette available now