Her Huaka'i (her mission)

To make the most essential, easy-to-use products while encouraging sustainable and responsible consumption.

We strive to elevate your beauty journey with artisan-crafted eyeshadows, designed to inspire both novice and experience makeup artists alike.

Her Essentials - Specially Curated For You

A collection specially curated for you that combines pressed powders and loose pure pigments to effortlessly enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

The buttery pressed powders offer a seamless application for a subtle yet captivating look, while the intense loose pigments provide a creative playground for those seeking to experiment. 

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You're Invited

Elevate your eyeshadow packaging with a complimentary signet design of your choosing, a symbol of your unique identity. Complete the experience by selecting the color of Signet Seal that wraps your bespoke creation. Embrace this personalization option to make the product truly your own or gift it as a thoughtful gesture.

Elevate Me

The Flourish Collection

Elevate your creativity with dazzling Loose Pigment Duos. Uniting sophisticated soft shades with a vibrant burst of color in each pair, these sets unlock a world of makeup artistry.

From sultry monochromatic smokey eyes to captivating editorial designs, these duos are your canvas for limitless eye-catching looks.

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Refund Policy

I understand that purchasing a luxury product online can be a daunting task, so I offer a 30-day refund period from the confirmed delivery date of your package, as tracked by USPS. This allows you to purchase with confidence, knowing that your product is protected during transit and that my generous refund policy remains in effect.

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her core values

Her Na Waiwai

Ho'ohanohano (integrity and honor)

At the heart of my business, I uphold the values of distinction, honor, and integrity. I strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, and ethical conduct in every aspect of my work. This commitment sets the foundation for building trust and creating meaningful relationships with my customers and community.

Ho'ohana (purposeful work)

I believe in the power of intention and purpose in everything I create. With meticulous attention to detail, I formulate and package my eyeshadows in small batches, ensuring the highest quality control and minimizing waste. Each product is a reflection of my passion for crafting exceptional beauty products that surpass expectations.

Lokahi (togetherness and harmony)

Rooted in my native Hawaiian ancestry, culture, and home, I take pride in sharing the beauty and richness of Hawaii through my collections. As a part of my commitment to community and growth, I offer my customers and subscribers an insider's look into the creation process, sustainable choices I've made, insights for aspiring entrepreneurs, and tutorials and tips to make the most of my products. Together, we embrace the spirit of aloha and celebrate the fusion of beauty, culture, and personal growth