• 1. Pressed Eyeshadow Singles

    A curated assortment of individual eyeshadows that empower you to craft both subtle and bold eye looks with ease.

    Each shade is meticulously crafted to stand out on its own, making it the perfect choice for those who love versatile, solo eyeshadow options.

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  • Shop our loose pigment duos. A two piece collection of complimenting shimmers.

    2. Loose Pigment Duos

    Elevate your creativity with dazzling Loose Pigment Duos. Uniting sophisticated soft shades with a vibrant burst of color in each pair, these sets unlock a world of makeup artistry.

    From sultry monochromatic smokey eyes to captivating editorial designs, these duos are your canvas for limitless eye-catching looks.

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  • Shop our pressed Trio Palettes. Three spectacularly pigmented eyeshadows for all eye colors and shapes.

    3. Pressed Eyeshadow Trios

    The Pressed Eyeshadow Trio's are a "Lover-Hero Fusion", where the sensual allure of the Lover meets the bold confidence of the Hero.

    The three-pan palettes harmonize the perfect blend of smoky seduction and vibrant bravery, designed to create mesmerizing smoked-out eyes with a pop of a complimentary color, letting you embrace your inner hero while captivating hearts effortlessly.

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  • 4. Pressed Eyeshadow Quads

    Embark on a makeup adventure with the Quad Eyeshadow palette. Where lush flora and breathtaking landscapes of Hawai'i's Big Island inspire every shade.

    Whether you're conquering a volcano hike or strolling through tropical gardens, these four versatile colors beckon your inner explorer and allow you to blend and combine them freely to create endless eye-catching looks that capture the essence of paradise.

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  • 5. Pressed Eyeshadow Quints

    Unleash your inner artist with the meticulously crafted Quint collection.

    Each palette is a masterpiece in itself, boasting a harmonious blend of rich satin and shimmer shades designed to ignite your creativity and bring your unique visions to life.

    Explore, experiment, and craft your own stunning eye looks with the unmatched quality and versatility.

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  • 6. Enhancements

    The Enhancements Collection is where I've gathered the must-have essentials for achieving standout eye looks. 

    From easy to apply eyelashes that elevate your gaze to personalized palettes and compacts adorned with your unique signet.  Everything you need to enhance your beauty routine and make a lasting impression is carefully curated in this collection.  

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