Process of Creating, pt 2

Step 2: Product Concept / Design Planning

You would think that creating a collection would simply be putting together a color theme and then picking out packaging. It's not to say that that is not part of it, but there are a couple other details that come before that.

Project Standards

Here are a couple questions that are asked when in this design process and what factors played a role in our decision making:

What features should we prioritize for the products development?

  • Does not contain toxic chemicals such as Talc, Carbon Black, Parabens, or Pthalates
  • Does not contain dyes
  • Is Vegan where possible
  • Is pigmented
  • Easy to use - especially for those that are new to makeup
  • Vibrant color story that makes sense, but still usable for every day looks

How will we determine which vendors to work with for sourcing ingredients?

  • Must be cruelty-free 100% -has certification to show that they are, would be even better if they were certified through Leaping Bunny
  • Ethically Sourced ingredients- ingredients are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, that the workers involved in making them are safe and treated fairly and that environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing process
  • Would prefer to have everything made or sourced in USA and use small businesses or local businesses to be able to do everything.
  • If we can make it ourselves - then let's do it! There is a different type of love with each product that comes from doing it yourself!


Color Story

After making these the standards we set for our project, we now get to make it to....dun dun dun.... ❤🧡💛Color Stories!! 💚💙💜

This is where we put together story boards (or if youre like me... Pinterest Inspiration Boards) to put the ideas into something tangible. When you can physically see what you want to create, its easier (for me, anyway) to see how it would all mesh together.

But What the heck does a rising pheonix color scheme look like??

Well, I found this jaw-dropping look on Instagram by @jaydeensarah and this became the inspiration for our color story!

@Jaydeensarah on Instagram

Next, we break down the colors in this look to create a color pallet. This helps to see what colors should be in the collection.

Fire Color Pallet from Pinterest


 Next comes formulating them. This is where we start purchasing ingredients from vendors that meet all the standards we set in the beginning of this project. None of the colors will be the exact to this color pallet, its just a guideline. All the colors in the collection will be hand formulated so that they can be unique to us and our collection.

Stay tuned for our next post, we'll discuss "how its made".

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