Process of Creating, pt 1

Step 1: Moment of Inspiration - and the Struggles

Every new collection or release should be more than just "yay I made a new color!" There should be some sort of deeper meaning, some sort of resonating feeling. It's not about making a product to sell, it's about you-the people in my tribe and your reason for connecting with me in the first place.

So, where do we begin? What's happened around us?

Excuse my language when I say this, 2020 has been such a shit show! The world has been literally on fire and in chaos, and as time goes by it seems like what was once "normal" life feels like it was decades ago-I didn't want to create anything!

Making makeup had been the thing that brought me joy after a long shitty day at my regular job and I had zero motivation.  I barely wanted to get out of bed in the morning because my favorite frienimies anxiety and depression had been creeping out of the shadows like "we're back!" 

Dyllan and I ended up chatting every now and then about the art that he would create and how things have been going over here in AH. Eventually the conversation became supporting each other to just keep creating-not so much about creating a product, but creating something to connect with. To feel something more than just meh.

 "What do you want to manifest in 2021? And if it were a color, what would it look like?" 

This was the question that we asked when deciding on a color story for our collab. Our original idea was to create a bold color story, as many of the releases in 2020 had been "safe".

We chose to do a jewel toned color story, embracing vibrant crystals and their purposes. Just when we were beginning to put together a story board and start researching Pantone colors - Urban Decay released The Stoned Pallet. So we scrapped the idea.

Then we decided we could incorporate Dyllan's art work and create a vibrant pallet and a mask with artwork to match. Pat McGrath launched her Divine Rose Blushing Eyes Collection with the Mask Majorness Trio. Ughhhhh!!!

Ambitiously Her - Opal 

👆(sneak peak at what could've been this collection)

Back in March I had created a four-color pallet of pastele colors and named it Opal. When I thought about going forward with that idea for this collection, Kim Kardashian released her Opalescent Collection.

Obviously, I was starting to feel kind of beat down. Like... every idea I had someone else was already releasing it. And I'm not mad, I take it as our creative mindset was on trend with what these big named brands were doing. So....on to the next!

After a while I revisited the question... "What do I want to manifest for 2021 and what would it look like if it were a color." And you know what... whether Covid is something the world is still fighting or not in 2021, I want whoever is along for this creative journey to feel rejuvenated. I want YOU to feel like whatever spark in your soul that was dimmed during 2020 is reignited and I want it engulf you! 

If you want to start a business - do it! If you want to create art- do it. If you want to move somewhere new- do it! Whatever it was that you wanted to do in 2020 and couldn't, if you also felt beat down...I want this journey to inspire you to start punching back, use your voice, and roar! 

This awakening lead us down the path to choose a "pheonix rising" theme for the collection. 

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